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Globally there is a shortage of honey products as honeybee numbers continue to decline. Of the products on the market, there is particular interest in those that comply with organic and fair-trade standards, according to African Honey Bee, a South African-based social entrepreneurial business. This makes efforts by the likes of Swaziland and Zambia particularly significant as Africa looks to capitalise on this entrepreneur-focused industry.


The African Marketing Confederation (AMC) was founded in 2011 when marketing bodies from four countries met in Zambia to discuss the status and development of the marketing profession across Africa.

It was felt that one of the key needs was to unify the various national bodies and organisations in order to exchange expertise and information, as well as to promote the development of the profession as a whole. The gathering also observed that the continent’s unique and varying cultures, languages, standards of education, and levels of development required home-grown marketing approaches designed and nurtured by Africans themselves.

The result is the AMC, a body of marketing professionals spearheading the development of the highest possible standards of marketing across Africa. Strategies to achieve this include research projects, education initiatives, professional publications, networking forums, and mechanisms to recognise and reward achievements at both the corporate and individual level.


Our vision is to promote and maintain high standards of education, professional skills, ethics and integrity amongst African marketers.

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